Site Update – Scheduler Changes and Enhancements

We have been busy as always at Nautical Monkey HQ trying our best to keep up with your growing list of feature requests.  The latest round of changes was inspired by a group of users who needed to be able to create nonstandard time slots in their scheduler.

Custom Time Slots
Create any configuration that works for your sharing scheme.

Custom Time Slots

The typical scenario was a 10am to 6pm day slot and a 7pm to 9am overnight slot.  Because our scheduler was designed with the concept of equal slot times, this was impossible.  But, because we love you, we just completed the ability to add custom time slots.  You can set any configuration you need and can also have breaks between the slots to give people some prep time.

As you can see in the example configuration, you can completely leave out times that your members don’t use under your typical sharing scheme.  In this example, I have a 9am to 6pm day slot and a 7pm to 10pm evening slot but no overnight slot.

Custom time slot example
You have complete flexibility to create a scheme that works for you.

You have complete flexibility with the new scheduler to create whatever scheme will work best with your partners and members.

Please Note: If you change your slot configuration, all future reservations will be cancelled.  All your members will be notified via email and can go back in and re-book their reservations.

Limiting Future Reservations

We also implemented a function that allows administrators to limit how far in the future members can make reservations on the boat.  At the bottom of the Scheduler Settings page, you will now see a section which allows you to set how far into the future members can make reservations.

Limiting Number of Reservations in a Period of Time

Hand in hand with that change is a function that allows you to set the max number of reservations a member can make in a particular time period.  This works along side the member’s share percentage to prevent a member from making too many reservations in a particular time period.

Well that’s it for now – as always, send us an email at if you have any other feature requests or see any problems we need to fix.


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