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Nautical Monkey Site Updates for May, 2014

We’re still busy little bees here at Nautical Monkey – much like you good people no doubt! Our development staff has been busier than the rest of us however – we have a slate of brand new boat sharing, member pleasing features to show off to you all. Scheduler Updates Three 8-Hour Slots: The scheduler […]
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Ready to start sharing a boat this season?

Ready to start sharing a boat this season?  Would you believe that 2014 is almost three twelfths over already!  Whatever your boat sharing plans and aims are for this year, you best get on with them. Time flies after all!  Sure it’s still 30 degrees outside, but there’s no time like the present to get […]
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Sharing a boat and need a good calendaring system?

The Nautical Monkey boat sharing calendar provides the most flexible online boat sharing calendar available.  The system allows you to: Add as many partners as you like Set percentages for each partner Divide each day into one, two, three or more slots Allow partners to “Swap” one reservation for another when circumstances change Allow partners […]
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