Category: Boat Sharing

How much should I charge to share my boat?

Anyone who has shared, or thought of sharing, a boat has had to face the question of how much to charge partners.  In a shared ownership or syndicate scenario the question gets a little easier, i.e., split all costs according to percentage of ownership for each owner.  When you want maintain ownership but share your […]
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Questions to Consider for any Boat Sharing Agreement

One of the primary questions we get at Nautical Monkey is about boat sharing contracts and syndicate agreements.  Specifically what are the primary questions we should be asking, where we can find sample agreements, and what kind of partnership should we create. We will be publishing a set of articles about boat sharing contracts in […]
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Options for Boat Sharing Relationships

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been almost a month since the last Nautical Monkey blog. Time flies when you’re having … well … a break from writing blogs. And talking of time, we know it’s precious and the lack of it might mean that some of you haven’t had a chance to get out on […]
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