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Wanted: Tales of Boat Sharing

Give us your good, your bad and your ugly. We want it all. Best story gets a free year of Nautical Monkey and, of course, Accolades, Fame and Notoriety Worldwide!! Who can take part? Anyone who has experience with, an opinion about, or wants to start a dialog about, sharing a boat. What we want […]
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Boat Sharing – How Many Partners is too Many?

One of the primary questions we get asked when people are thinking of sharing a boat is how many partners they should have. Most people can get their mind around two people sharing a boat. Communication and scheduling aren’t too difficult with two people and if something happened to the boat and you didn’t do […]
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Our First Accident (or What happens if someone wrecks the boat?)

A few months ago one of my boat sharing partners left the following message on my cell phone. “John, can you call me back? I really need to talk to you.” I was having dinner and figured I would call him back later that night. During dinner he called again and left another message. “John, I really need you to call me back – John … It’s really bad.”After listening to this one I was obviously motivated to call him back right away. He told me that he had been blown sideways while docking and the side of our boat had been scraped by the anchors of two other
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