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Wanted: Tales of Boat Sharing

Give us your good, your bad and your ugly. We want it all. Best story gets a free year of Nautical Monkey and, of course, Accolades, Fame and Notoriety Worldwide!! Who can take part? Anyone who has experience with, an opinion about, or wants to start a dialog about, sharing a boat. What we want […]
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Boat Sharing – How Many Partners is too Many?

One of the primary questions we get asked when people are thinking of sharing a boat is how many partners they should have. Most people can get their mind around two people sharing a boat. Communication and scheduling aren’t too difficult with two people and if something happened to the boat and you didn’t do […]
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How to Deal with Shared Boat Accident

A few months ago one of my boat sharing partners left the following message on my cell phone. “John, can you call me back? I really need to talk to you.” I was having dinner and figured I would call him back later that night. During dinner he called again and left another message. “John, […]
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