Do I need a certain size boat before I start sharing?

You currently have a boat and would like to bring someone on board to help share some of the costs and maximize your investment.

But you are just not sure if anyone would be interested. After all your 15′ center console could be a dingy for most of the boats you see listed looking for a partnership.

Certain Size of Boat

You shouldn’t worry, no matter if your boat is a Jet Ski, Sport Boat, Fishing Trawler or 50′ Cabin Cruiser, I guarantee you there is someone out there with similar taste as you but just haven’t moved forward on buying a boat.

One of the key’s to a successful partnership is finding likeminded individuals who not only share a passion for the water but also have similar tastes. Not everyone out there is looking for the largest boat on the lake; many are simply looking for a boat that meets their needs.

Boat Size Before Boat Sharing

Nautical Monkey is designed specifically to work with boats of all sizes. I personally, share a pair of Jet Skis with a couple of friends and we use Nautical Monkey to keep track of expenses as well as schedule their usage.

In addition to the Jet Ski’s, I share a larger boat with another group of people, this way I have the best of both worlds and can choose to take out either the Jet Ski’s or the larger boat depending on what I would like to do that day.

This is a common scenario, you may have a center console that is perfect for fishing but your teenage son has just learned to wakeboard on a friend’s boat and is really pushing you to buy a ski boat. With Nautical Monkey you can share your fishing boat as well as connect with someone who has a ski boat that they are interested in sharing.

Get started sharing today.

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