Author: Marshall Glenn

Insuring your boat in a Partnership

A key question for boat owners who are interested in adding a partner to their boat is, “How will this affect my insurance?” Actually, insuring your boat with partners is really quite easy. However, as with everything, open and honest communication will be critical to the success of your partnership because their age, boating experience […]
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Advantages to Fractional Boating

There are more than 70 million Americans enjoying boating, and approximately 17 million registered recreational vessels in the United States; however, on average, a boat is only used 14 days per year! What if you could have the watercraft of your dreams, pay for only ½ or ¼ of it, and still use it the […]
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How to make a Sucessfull Boat Sharing Agreement

Sharing a boat seems like such a great idea.After all, there are approximately 17 million registered recreational vessels in the United States, but on average a boat is only used a total of 14 days per year. With that amount of usage, sharing only makes sense, right? But purchasing any asset with people you know can create the kind of problems that can end those valued relationships.Dreams of weekends at the boat club and watching everyone's kids grow up together can be replaced with large maintenance expenses, angry calls about who gets which holiday weekend and even possible lawsuits.
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