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Nautical Monkey is the best Boat Sharing Program and Boat Partnership Service company in Austin, TX. With the help of fractional boat management software, admin can invite individuals to become members and be a part of boat sharing services. Our boat sharing program will help you manage all your partners' activities with easy steps and simple navigation. You can easily handle booking activities, slot management, sharing activities, dates, and much more. Nautical Monkey strives for the Sailboat and offers the best Boat sharing and partnership management services to provide a luxury boat sharing platform in Texas at affordable prices.

Nautical Monkey allows any Powerboat owner to share their boat equitably with another. You can add more partners to your boat syndication and manage all the Yacht activities without any paperwork. From boat sharing time, maintenance cost, partnership percentage to the monthly available slots, and other similar activities are managed along with transparent communication. Nautical Monkey is a one-stop solution that lets you organize all the functions for your boat sharing program.

Why Us! Our boat partnership services allow you to manage your boat-sharing activities and detail functionality in one place. With nautical Monkey, a boat membership software, you can save your time by managing all your expenses, activities, and data of boat syndication parallelly.

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Our calendaring system provides all the flexibility you will need to successfully share your watercraft and ensure everyone gets their allotted time on the boat.

Member Management

The Member Manager gives administrators the ability to easily add new members via email or existing connections. Options include share percentage, start and end time of the relationship and setting up additional administrative users.

Dynamic Check on/Off Lists

Checklists accessible on the web and on your mobile device allow members to update trip information such as engine hours and fuel usage as well as submit maintenance and service requests while they are out on the boat or when they get back home.

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker provides you to add expense, income, and reconciliation of your boat. It helps you to keep track of your expense.

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Tim Taylor Takes us on a Deep Dive of the Nautical Monkey Scheduler

  11/30/2019 11:01:00 PM

Tim uses the white label, business version, of the Nautical Monkey Scheduler to manage all his member boats for In this video he walks us through some of the intricacies of how and why he uses it.

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Chartering in the BVI – Day 5

  11/22/2019 11:48:03 PM

Today we went from Coral Bay to Soper’s Hole to Norman Island. We had a wonderful sail to Soper’s Hole and checked back into the BVI. We looked at some boats we couldn’t afford – yet – and made our way down to Norman Island to grab a mooring at The Bight. It was packed […]

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Chartering in the BVI – Day 4

  11/22/2019 2:26:09 PM

We checked out of the BVI and headed to Cruz Bay, St. Johns VI. Our dinghy drifted off in the afternoon – so we spent some time learning how to tie up a dinghy securely 🙂 Then we got some more sailing lessons through some, for us, significant waves and wind and finally had a surprise […]

The post Chartering in the BVI – Day 4 appeared first on Nautical Monkey.

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