Managing a Boat Sharing Partnership in the off Season

Managing a boat sharing partnership in the off season

Winter has come for us in the Northern Hemisphere and many of us may have put our boats and our boat sharing partners in the background as we prepare for winter holidays and activities.

Like any long term relationship however, a boat sharing partnership needs to be nurtured and fed during the off season.

Even more than other long term partnerships, sharing partnerships can fall on hard times during the winter months because partners may not see each other very often, boating trips are less frequent and people are busy with other activities.


My partners and I always plan to meet at the boat at least once during the off season to touch base, do some cleaning and maintenance on the boat and to discuss how the partnership is going.

This is also the perfect time to examine your sharing model and make changes if needed.  We have just revamped our sample contract section with new partnership/syndicate and bareboat sharing agreements.

Even if you have an existing agreement, having a look at these may give you some solutions to common problem areas.  Click here to log into the website and view the new agreements.   The agreement section is at the bottom of the main page after logging in.

In addition, no matter how cold it is, a surprising number of people are still looking for partners.

Nautical Monkey gets about the same number of signups during the winter months as it does during the summer months.  We have also found that winter is often when the most serious prospects come out to find a partner.

Boat Sharing Partnership in the off Season

These are often people who have been thinking about sharing for a long time and continue to look for that perfect partnership in preparation for next year’s boating season.

As the industry increasingly moves toward a shared boating model, the cold winter months can be a useful time to solidify relationships, shore up your sharing business model, and obtain new partners.  Come visit us at Nautical Monkey and start sharing today.

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