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How do I approach the subject of pets?

Pets are in many ways the perfect boating companion. After all, they will obey your every command, all the while worshiping at your feet and showering you with affection. However, while our four-footed crewmates, are often a big part of the boating experience they can be a common source of conflict between boating partners. After […]
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Boating Safety

National Safe Boating Week kicks off on May 21st and runs through May 27th this year, just prior to the Memorial Day weekend which is the traditional start of the recreational boating season. However, safety while boating should always be at the top of our minds. In 2009, the Coast Guard counted 736 deaths as […]
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The Decision to Move to Fractional Boating

Let me first say, I have never been an avid boater. I’ve always enjoyed the water and have spent many wonderful days fishing, scuba diving, etc., but never owned a boat. In 2006 my business partner (who is an avid boater) and I purchased a Formula 37 PC. The idea was to use the boat […]
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