Top Five Questions to Ask a Potential Boat Sharing Partner

We have seen a myriad of different partnership arraignments work. Family partnerships, business partners or friends who purchase a boat together, relative strangers who become a member on a boat and remain for years – there really doesn’t seem to be a single defining characteristic that insures success in a boat sharing relationship. There are, […]
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Insuring your boat in a Partnership

A key question for boat owners who are interested in adding a partner to their boat is, “How will this affect my insurance?” Actually, insuring your boat with partners is really quite easy. However, as with everything, open and honest communication will be critical to the success of your partnership because their age, boating experience […]
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Our First Accident (or What happens if someone wrecks the boat?)

A few months ago one of my boat sharing partners left the following message on my cell phone. “John, can you call me back? I really need to talk to you.” I was having dinner and figured I would call him back later that night. During dinner he called again and left another message. “John, I really need you to call me back – John … It’s really bad.”After listening to this one I was obviously motivated to call him back right away. He told me that he had been blown sideways while docking and the side of our boat had been scraped by the anchors of two other
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