Gregg C
Hi. I'm new to Nautical Monkey and it seems great. Do you have, or do you plan to build, an App? That would make it even more appealing.
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John D
Hi Gregg - thanks for your comments. We do have a mobile version of the site which can be accessed at - you can schedule and perform check list activities there such as checking on and off your boat - most of the basic things you would need to do while out at the boat.

We have plans for a more full featured iPhone app as well scheduled for early next year.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


John Davis
Marc G
Hi there,

Is it possible to sign in to the mobile page using facebook? I have signed up for an account (currently free but intending to upgrade once we have our boat in the next 2 weeks or so)

have you made any further progress on apps for iphone or android?

John D
Currently it is not - although that's a good idea - we'll put it on the development list.