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Hi John

Hope you are well since our last communication.

I have just sold my share and their is a possibility of remaining as an administrator in Nautical Monkey.

We presently have 12 owners in the syndicate so 8.3% equity each

I need to add the new purchaser and allocate him the 8.3% equity and take my equity back to zero but still have a login as administrator.

Is there a set order that I need to be done this so I do affect any other members equity, quotas, schedules or history logs in Nautical Monkey.

I would imagine I need to

1. Reduce my equity to zero
2. Add new user and allocate 8.3% equity

Could you confirm this will not affect other users etc

Thanks John
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John D
Hi Ian - that will work fine - the only difference you'll see is that you won't be able to schedule the boat - but otherwise, you admin rights will stay in tact.

Let me know if any other questions.
Ian M
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Would I still be able to schedule maintenance days as administrator?
John D
I've never actually tried that - but since it doesn't reduce the number of slots available to you - it should still work.

By the way, the system will let you add members with percentages equaling over 100% - so worst case scenario you add yourself back with a small percentage that you never use in order to allow you the freedom to book slots if needed. That said, you should be able to schedule maintenance slots even with zero percent.