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Hi John

I have previously requested a fix / workaround for this

We have our exemption period set to 48 hours in settings.

Our syndicate owners are finding unless they have days spare on their quota then it will not let them make a booking within the 48 hour period ( this includes the administrator as well)

This is becoming very frustrating for owners to see days where the yacht is not being used and they can’t book.

If this can’t be rectified via programming could we look at a workaround please.

One idea I had is
Could we have a login called “standby” which can create maintenance days in a different color so when viewing the calendar owners know it says out of service but the color would indicate that this is a standby booking and any red color entries remain normal maintenance days

John would appreciate your feedback and help on this one

Thanks in advance
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John D
Hi Ian - I'm finally moving the development team over to Nautical Monkey to take care of the handful of issues you (and other users) have sent over. I'll put this on their list.

The workout you mention would work - create a "standby" user, but an admin would have to register any member who wasn't an admin. If you can use that to get over the hump, I'll have the devs dig into the true issue and we'll get that resolved.

Thanks for hanging in there while I'm being a little sluggish.