Looking for a Boat to Share?

Find a boat sharing partner at nauticalmonkey.com
Find a boat sharing partner at nauticalmonkey.com

We have just completed the new Find a Boat or Partner section of our web site which provides all the tools you will need to find the perfect sharing match.  Take a moment to browse the already growing list of boats and if you haven’t yet listed your boat, it only takes moments to do and it’s free.

Don’t have a boat?  No problem.  Nautical Monkey’s

Find a Boat or Partner allows users not only to list boats they own, but also provides a way for users to list boats they might own if they found the right partner.

By encouraging users to test the water with regard to boat sharing partnerships, the system opens the door for connections and conversations with other users who have similar interests thereby increasing the possibility of each user forming a successful partnership and getting out on the water.

So come by, create a few connections, list a boat or two and get out on the water with Nautical Monkey – Sharing Made Simple.

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