drew H
We have a boat coming online that will have 7 members/7 uses per (the standard fractional model) Your scheduler misses a key issue...we need to change the weekend (and holiday) days to a different schedule than midweek to allow both users in that 24 hour period the ability to sailing daylight. IE...Fri,Sat,Sun our schedule is 8am - 3 pm, 3 pm - 8am....midweek is 8am to 8 pm, 8pm - to 8am.

Is there any way to work this in your online program? If not, it won't work for us.
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John D
While you can set custom time slots in the scheduler - which would allow you to accomplish the 8 to 3 schedule you have envisioned - we currently don't allow for different schedules on different days of the week - believe it or not, you are the first user to ask that question.

Having said that, you could simply set up the scheduler to have the 8am-3pm and 3pm to 8am time slots and people who wish to use an entire day would just register for both time periods - do you have a constraint that would not allow you to use the system that way?

Meanwhile, I'll discuss the option of different schedules on different days with the dev team and see what we can come up with - just as an FYI, we don't plan another major release of the site until the first quarter of next year.

Kind regards,

John Davis
drew H
Our program allows seven uses the month so many folks prefer to just use one on any specific day.

Weekends are primeā€¦ Hence our desire to split it up so both users get some daylight hours.

Thanks for your reply.

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