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ohn – looks good. No trouble creating custom slots.
I guess the next big thing is the slot management? – eg prevent someone with x slots booking all the best slots – like 10am to 6pm. Also showing slots used/available.Then after that would be limiting “as available” slots. Is that right?


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John D
Hi Tim,

Working through the "prevent someone with x slots booking all the best slots" issue. This is one of those issues that I get one day and then it gets fuzzy the next day. Can you lay this out in detail via email so I can relate it to the developers?

Also, regarding the Showing slots used/available, we do that on the top of the scheduler page for each user, but I think you're talking about something different there. Can you lay that on out as well as the "limiting as available slots" issue.

Thanks - we've started the new online education company full speed now so my dev brain is getting confused by the various project.

Thanks for your help.
Tim T
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Here’s the issue: the system determines allocation as a percentage of days in the month, but his allocation is calculated and displayed as number of slots. The problem is that one slot may be more preferable than others, but the system makes no distinction between one slot or another. So there’s nothing to stop a member from hogging all of the more favorable slots. For example, let’s say we have set up 3 slots – a Day Slot, an Evening Slot, and a Night Slot, and I allocate 20% to a member. This gives him 1 Premium day and 3 Standard days which calculates out to three Premium slots and 9 Standard slots. There’s nothing to stop me from using all of my available slots as Day Slots and hogging the “best” slots. What should happen is that if a member’s % allocation gives him x days (P or S, doesn’t matter) and there are say 3 slots per day defined, A, B, and C, he should get x number of A slots, x number of B slots, and x number of C slots.

This creates an issue with the method currently used to display allowed/used allocation. It just shows “slots”, not A slots, B slots, C slots etc.
John D
Hi Tim - okay we have this code done and I'm currently testing - I should have it released today or tomorrow. Will let you know. There was one interesting issue which I wanted to make you aware of:

Take the following example: there are two partners having 50% share each... they setup 2 slots in a day basis... Morning slot and Evening Slot. July has 31 days = Which means they have total 62 slots for the boat

Partner A = 31 slots
Partner B = 31 slots

Now when Partner A logs in.. on scheduler page top part... we show:
Total Slots: 31
Morning: 15 available
Evening: 16 available

Partner B will also see the same
Total Slots: 31
Morning: 15 available
Evening: 16 available

so this makes Morning = (15+ 15) = 30 slots
Evening = (16+16) = 32 slots
but in a month there are 31 morning and 31 evening slots

So in certain circumstances in certain months the calculation will result in this issue - just a simple math. The only real option we had here was to round up or round down when the problem occurs - we figured it was safer to round down.

I'll let you know when we get the new code up there and let me know if you have any questions.
Tim T
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John – here are a few notes.

1. as admin I look at members on a boat and it shows Premium and Standard slots as a group, rather than each slot separately like the scheduler does. From user’s point of view it’s a no op since he can’t see member setup.

2. How do you specify the number of As Available slots a user can have?
Premium As Available: 2 available – 1 remaining, Standard As Available: 4 available – 0 remaining
This also has implications in real estate used showing all available/remaining. Could get bulky for 8 slots/day. Maybe a Reservation Status button that pops up the slots available/remaining table
John D
Hi Tim - thanks for looking at this.

1. I'll add the more detailed version to the member setup page.
2. Re the available calculation - I had an extra "-" in the code when the page initially loads which made it look like we were trying so show a negative number - I'll get that removed as well.
3. Re real estate: I can put that section in a div that the user can show or hide - should solve the real estate problem if they are using many slots.

Let me know if I missed anything you were trying to say.

Should have the changes done by tomorrow - I'll let you know.