Over B
Is it possible to allow members to share and use two or three boats at once?
I know each boat is setup separate but can each member be setup once for all boats?
Also can one member be set up separate to use one boat but not the other?

Hope this makes sense
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John D
There are a couple of ways to do this. You can create a Custom Site - the link is in the upper right site of the page after login in or you can use the following link.


You basically choose a new URL for your site (eg. mysite.nauticalmonkey.com) and send your members to that site - you can choose which menu items you want to show, select a color scheme and upload a logo. It's $49/month but you can put as many boats into a site as you want and add as many members to each boat as you want. You can also add certain members to certain boats and not others. At the moment, you do have to add each member to each boat you want them to have access to. You can set up a Custom URL for free and experiment with it for 7 days.

You can also just add the boats under your current account at nauticalmonkey.com and manage it basically the same way there - add certain member to certain boats - in that case you will have to purchase a subscription for each of the boats you want to set up in the system.

Let me know if you have any questions or need help setting any of that up.
Over B
So if I understand correct, if I pay for the membership I can allow access to whichever boat or member with one member account and share %.
Also I can accomplish the same thing with my current account but do I have to add members twice and keep track of their uses separately? Say a member gets 10% or 10 uses for two boats, will it show the same uses under both boats or do I have to split it up 5 And 5 and keep track of both boats?
John D
I think we're on the same page. For both types of subscriptions ($49 flat fee or $4.95 per boat) each member will have only one user account in the system (one log in), but you will have to set up their percentage on each boat you want them to have access to. For example:

Boat 1
- Sally - 10%
- Bill - 25%
- James - 25%

Boat 2
- Sally - 10%
- Bill - 25%

Boat 3
- Sally - 10%
- James - 25%
- Wilson - 50%

Sally's uses on Boat 1 are separate from her uses on Boat 2. We did it this way so a member's percentage on Boat 1 could be different then her percentage on Boat 2, etc.

In terms of time, once you have a member in your system, it is very easy to add her to the different boats you have.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
jared E
Hi John,
Thanks for your last response and example, it was helpful, sorry I didnt get back sooner.

I have some questions regarding scheduling rules if you dont mind giving quick answers to...

I wondering if you system can accommodate each of our possible rules below...

No more than 1 slot / day per weekend and 2 per week
No more than 1 day in a row
Schedule up to two weeks out max.
Premium and Standard Members can book 3 anytime days on calender
Holidays are blacked out until memberships are filled up then opened up for a small charge.
Can only have 4 bookings anytime on calender at any given time

John D
Hi Jared - sorry I didn't notice this email until just now - let's see how the other changes we are implementing flush out and then reassess these issues. I think some of them will be taken care of with the other change, but some will not - let's reconnect after I release the changes we talked about in the other email - should be in a week or so.


John Davis
jared E
Sounds great John! I appreciate you being open to suggestions, I think it will benefit you other users and you service as well. If you have any questions on this before or during development I'm available.

Jared E.