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Hey John
Thats what I was thinking after I analyzed it for a few.
I just changed it to 5 or 6 uses in the meantime so they can schedule days.
Some may have a use for the feature the way it is, however I believe the way we are asking for it work will be more popular.

Regarding the service issue, im pretty sure I was pressing reserve under a name but will check again.

Thanks for your quick response.
Hi John,
Hope all is well at NM!

It looks like we might have a scheduling problem with the new feature (limit users to so many uses every so much time) and after looking at it a bit I think there might have been some miscommunication on how it functions.

One of our partners Daniel N. mentioned he was not able to book the bayliner trophy for this sunday. My first thought was it rejected him because of back to back bookings but that doesnt appear to be it, so I thought maybe he already has 3 scheduled and this would be his 4th, but it doesnt appear he has any scheduled for the future.

So I replicated it by trying to schedule him and it said admin has limited you to 3 in 6 months. So im assuming this is the issue but since he doesnt have any booked in the future Im wondering if theres a problem with is or if you may have set it up to limit how many total uses (counting past, present and future) they can use in so much time.

I hope we were on the same page but if this is the case, I was actually looking for it to just count whats on the current and future calendar such as 1 today, 1 next week and 1 in Aug., then once they use one of those they can book another.

Lastly, when I go to schedule for someone or myself as admin it keeps scheduling as "out of service."

Let me know
Sounds great John! I appreciate you being open to suggestions, I think it will benefit you other users and you service as well. If you have any questions on this before or during development I'm available.

Jared E.
Hi John,
Thanks for your last response and example, it was helpful, sorry I didnt get back sooner.

I have some questions regarding scheduling rules if you dont mind giving quick answers to...

I wondering if you system can accommodate each of our possible rules below...

No more than 1 slot / day per weekend and 2 per week
No more than 1 day in a row
Schedule up to two weeks out max.
Premium and Standard Members can book 3 anytime days on calender
Holidays are blacked out until memberships are filled up then opened up for a small charge.
Can only have 4 bookings anytime on calender at any given time

Hey John,
Okay that's what I thought but wanted to confirm.

If im correct, your % limitation is based on each month? So if I give a member 10% total, it would be 5% per month if there were only two months? I just have to convert number of uses we give members to %. If there is any way to easily add "number of uses" for the total term rather than % per month I would be more inclined to use that since our program is. But I can make this work if need be.

So if I understand what you're saying it sounds like you would want two things. One would be to limit how far in the future a person could book reservations - something like "Prevent users from making reservations more than X months in advance." Does that sound right?
Thats correct, we only allowed them to book 2 weeks in advance last season to keep members from booking up the whole summer. However most of them are family people and some have their whole summer planned out so they needed the ability to schedule some a month or two ahead in July and Aug. rather than short term so we then added a rule that they can book up to 3 in advance. I suppose we could have allowed up to a month or two in advance but then we would have to limit how many they could have on the schedule at once otherwise they would have too many on the calender at once. This is why we implemented the next rule....

The other one I'm less clear on. Is it something like, "Limit users to X number of reservations in Y period of time"?
Yes you got it. We changed to this scheduling model over the last one because it seems to simplify what we were wanting to accomplish from the last rule. It doesn't allow a member to hog the schedule, allows them to book anytime in advance as well as in the short term today or next week. Also this is how a couple other local companies do it too, and they allow 3 to 4 uses on the schedule at once.

At this point we are trying the second model however if for some reason it doesn't work we are going to want to go back to the first.
Do you have any thoughts on the differences between the two?

Hope that makes sense and if it doesn't or you want to chat about it feel free to call me. Im willing to help out anyway I can if you are able to add this feature to your service. Im surprised that others aren't asking for something similar as it seems there has to be some sort of main rule that keeps members from hogging the whole summer or year.
I may have already asked this but is there a rule to limit how many uses a members can put on the schedule at once, or limit how far out they can schedule?

Last season we went with members can book up to 2 weeks in advance but have 3 they can book throughout the summer. This season we decided it might work better and simplify to allow 3 to 4 days on the calender at once so they can choose to book now or in the future. However I didnt see the option so we kept tract ourselves.

If this option is not available I would think once of these would be a critical fundamental rule for a boat share to keep members from overbooking the calender.