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So if I understand correct, if I pay for the membership I can allow access to whichever boat or member with one member account and share %.
Also I can accomplish the same thing with my current account but do I have to add members twice and keep track of their uses separately? Say a member gets 10% or 10 uses for two boats, will it show the same uses under both boats or do I have to split it up 5 And 5 and keep track of both boats?
Is it possible to allow members to share and use two or three boats at once?
I know each boat is setup separate but can each member be setup once for all boats?
Also can one member be set up separate to use one boat but not the other?

Hope this makes sense
I have 2 questions...

1. Under member setup how do I change my access dates? Im not able to edit it and im assuming this changes the premium and standard slots depending on my share %.

2. Im not understanding the premium / standard slots remaining. Its seems like if a member has 25% share they would have more than 2 and 4 total as it shows. I figured if a member is 25% share and 3 months they should have around 20 remaining. But this member has sheduled at least 7 dates.
Can you explain this?

Just a thought, security would also be a possible reason. I sometimes don't get out to my boat for months at a time and the other day I went out and someone had stolen the little grill I keep in the transom. Having other people on the boat might have created enough traffic out there that whoever stole it might have had second thoughts about digging through my transom. At any rate, this is something I've been considering for quite a while, just trying to find that right partner to get things going.