Terry C
I’m new to NM, and have a paid subscription. I’m currently testing the product with just myself and one other member; but we will eventually have 6 members for our vessel. We can’t seem to be able to book multiple days in a single scheduler event for Standard slots.

Here’s our settings:
- 50% allocation for each of the two of us.
- Sunday-Thursday set for Standard Slots
- Premium and Standard slots set to show “N/A”
- pretty much no restrictions on bookings

To book, we go into the scheduler, select the first day in the standard slot, then double-tap on the last day we want (say Sunday to Thursday) - but it won’t let us schedule more than one day. We get a red warning message in the bottom right corner of the screen telling us to make a change to something. But we also can’t find where to make that change in the member or scheduling modules.
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