Debbie F
We are very impressed with Nautical Monkey and have enrolled to use the system for our boat share scheme. We have the arrangement that members can carry over unused days from one month to the next and borrow from the month ahead. Is there any way that Nautical Monkey can accommodate this in the scheduler without the administrator having to book the days that fall outside that months allocations?

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John D
Hi Debbie - I have just released the functionality to allow you to pull slots from the previous and next months into the current month. This has not been tested extensively so please let me know if you run into any problems.
Debbie F
Not having much luck getting this to work. When I try and book a slot that I know I have some to borrow from the month ahead and to carry forward from the previous month, I just get the This reservation cannot be completed. You do not have any available PREMIUM SLOTS left for this month.

Do I need to change some settings or something?
John D
We have done some additional testing on this and it does seem to be working correctly.

It could be a distinction between the premium and regular days. Basically if you turn on the ability to borrow from previous and future months, the system creates two time slot buckets - one of all the unused premium days for month previous, the current month, and the next month. Same for standard days.

Thus, if you have booked all your premium days for the three month period from last month to next month, you wouldn't be able to book any more premium slots until next month. However, you could still have some standard slots open which could be booked.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense or solve the problem.