Christopher H
Hi, Three families are partners in the boat. We each want to book it separately (using the scheduler) but sometimes we want to be on it together. Sometimes two of us, sometimes all three. How does (or can) the scheduler handle this?
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John D
Hi Chris - I responded to your email as well but wanted to get the info in here in case someone else had the question.

As far as the multiple partners at the same time issue - we actually don't have an automatic way to deal with that - couple of options you might think about. First, you could create another user and use that whenever you all go out together - that way it would debit any of your accounts and you could keep track of it. Another option would be to just trade off each time when you all go out together - a little messy because you would have to look back at the last time to see who booked it (you could add a note in the reservation with the details) but this could also work.
Marc G
This would be great. It'd be cool if when one partner makes a reservation there was a checkbox to include other partners, and if that is checked then you get shown their names. Then you can check which ones are included in the booking. They will then receive all notifications as if they made the booking. They would not be able to cancel the booking, but could remove themselves from it somehow if they can no longer attend.