Stephen D
Hello, could you give me some details as to how the schduler calculates free slots. I just set a dummy member as having 25% share yet he only got 1 weekend day and 3 weekdays. Does the scheduler calculate strictly on a month by month basis (ie only a 25% share of the remaining days in July) Hope that makes some sense
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John D
Hi Stephen - that is correct - the number of remaining slots is calculated based on what is available to that user in the current month - and it currently resets every month. We are working on a way to leverage unused slots from the previous month and borrow slots from the next month - we will be releasing that in our next major release.
John D
Hi Stephen - we have released the functionality that allows you to borrow unused slots from previous and future months and I see from your account it is current enabled.

Basically the new code will allow you to book unused slots from the previous and next months in the current month. It should be noted that premium and standard slots are calculated separately so you may have booked all your premium slots for the three month period which would prevent you from booking any more until next month but may still have standard slots open.

Have a look and let me know if you have any questions or trouble using it.
Stephen D
Thanks, yes that is really helpful. We are just about to go live with our boat share which will have 4 members in Chichester UK. So far our experience has been excellent with the program which does everything we want. A couple of questions I do have. One of our members wants to have a 1/12th share which is 2 weekend 24 hr slots every 3 months and 5 weekday 24 hour slots every 3 months. How does the monkey handle fractions of a day per month and can we rely on the member getting the correct allocation over the whole year? We could obviously tweak it manually but if the scheduler did the job then that would be better. Also, how many weeks in the scheduler year is it 52 or 48?
John D
The system rounds up for fractions of a percentage however, unless your users book every day in any three month period, you should be fine setting a member up as 1/12 or 8.3%.

I set up the scenario on a test site with the member getting 8.3% of the boat (approximately 1/12) and was able to schedule 2 weekend (premium) slots and 5 weekday (standard) slots. So you should be in good shape to set up the new member with that percentage.