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Find a boat sharing partner at Nautical Monkey

We have just completed the new Find a Boat or Partner section of our web site which provides all the tools you will need to find the perfect sharing match.  Take a moment to browse the already growing list of boats and if you haven’t yet listed your boat, it only takes moments to do and it’s free.

Don’t have a boat?  No problem.  Nautical Monkey's Find a Boat or Partner allows users not only to list boats they own, but also provides a way for users to list boats they might own if they found the right partner.

By encouraging users to test the water with regard to boat sharing partnerships, the system opens the door for connections and conversations with other users who have similar interests thereby increasing the possibility of each user forming a successful partnership and getting out on the water.

So come by, create a few connections, list a boat or two and get out on the water with <a title="Find a boat sharing partner at" href="">Nautical Monkey – Sharing Made Simple</a>.
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I came across your website on the internet.
I have a beautiful 48ft Knysna Catamaran, built in Sept 2010, with 4 en-suite cabins and based in St Thomas US Virgin Islands.
I would like to sell 10 shares @ 10% outright ownership for $60,000 per 10% share.
Do you know how I would go about finding customs for this fractional ownership.
Or can I advertise on your website.
I would appreciate any info you are able to give me.

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Hi Elli - Beautiful boat! You can add your boat to Nautical Monkey and to our Find a Partner section for free. Just log in to  and add the details about your boat. Once you've done that you'll see a link to add it to our Find a Boat section - click that link and we'll ask you a few more questions and you're done.

Once you do get some members on your boat, Nautical Monkey is also a great way to manage the partnership - after you add your boat to the Find a Partner section - you can play around with the scheduler and other tools on the site to get a sense about how everything works.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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