William B
I'm planning to open a boat timeshare/share business. I visited the Nautical Monkey website and had a few questions regarding how I might be able to integrate some of your systems for use in my business. I plan to start with a smaller sail boat I currently own and a larger boat (Jeanneau 379) which a partner of mine is going to add to the business.

Interested in any feedback other Nautical Monkey people may have on this idea in general and how I might be able to use Nautical Monkey to assist in the business. Thanks.
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John D
Hi William - We have had an increasing number of inquiries about integrating the Nautical Monkey tools into an existing boat sharing business / web site and have actually started development on such a system.

The idea will be to provide a "branded" subset of our tools - scheduler / calendaring system, communication tools, mobile check on / check off functionality, service requests, etc - as a plug in to your existing web site. From your user's point of view, it will look like you are providing the tools and functionality yourself which should not only increase their confidence in signing up with you, but will also give them a solid set of sharing/calendaring tools to use once they do.

If you are interested checking this out before it's released or would be interested in integrating this kind of functionality into your web site, let me know and I'll include you on the beta list for testing and updates.

Benito A
I am very interested in what you described.
Would you please sign me up on your beta List ?
My e-mail address is: XXXXXX@gmail.com.
John D
Adding my contact information here so people don't have to post their phone numbers and emails on the public form. Just send an email to jdavis@nauticalmonkey.com if you are interested in checking out the Branded Nautical Monkey Tools.
William B
I would be very interested - add me to the list. Can you explain a little more about how it will work - what would I have to do to add it to my website? How much is it going to cost?
John D
From a technical point of view the system will be pretty simple and would allow you to get up and running literally within minutes.

You will basically create a Business Account on Nautical Monkey, spend a few minutes customizing it (setting colors, uploading your logo, etc) and then link it up to your existing web site. All the technical stuff is handled behind the scenes so are left to focus on running the business not dealing with technical web site issues. We will have some examples sites you can play with in the next few weeks.

In terms of cost, we are still working through the business model - should have that worked out shortly, but it won't break the bank.

Post any thoughts, requests or ideas here and send me an email at jdavis@nauticalmonkey.com if you want to be included on the beta list.