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We just added some additional functionality to the expense tracker based on some of heavy users of that function.

As you may know, any member can create an expense and assign it to herself, based on membership percentage or assign it equally among members. It is now possible for a member to create an expense and assign it completely to another member.

Additionally, we added some additional drop downs at the bottom of the Expense Tracker home page. The default view shows the last 30 expenses no mater when they were created. There is also now a "This Month", "This Year", and "Select a Date Range". The last allows you to better locate historical expenses if you need to edit something, etc.

In the reporting section, we added a reconciliation area which allows you to see who owes who and how much they owe. This section also has a date range selector so you can see who owes who based on any date range you select.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the new functionality or if you see something else we should add.
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