Chris T
We have two partners on this boat and would like to simply set up a calendar for the year with alternating weeks of "reservations". I have not found a function in your website to facilitate this simply. I understand your logic when setting it up the way you have but I would suggest a few other options of functionality to offer more flexibility for situations like this where users/partners simply want to set up an annual calendar and not have to enter each day individually.
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John D
Hi - thanks for submitting your comment. I'll talk this through with our developers at the next dev meeting - have you given any thought to what the interface might look like? We might be able to do a dialog where you could type in a date range which would then book all the days in that range when you clicked submit ... Let me know your thoughts and I'll give it some thought as well.
John D
We have added the ability to make "bulk" reservations to the calendar. Basically when you click a slot to reserve it you will now see a beginning and ending date range which will allow you to book a multiple slots quickly.

Have a look and let me know what you think.