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Good for you guys...that’s how many a successful business has been started, a personal passion/need that translates to the public. You have done a nice job with it and I wish you all the best. What else do you guys do?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but “ideally” there might be a way to assign a particular level of fiscal responsibility to an individual expense based on a % of the total and/or straight dollar value. In other partner agrees to go in for say $100 or 25% of a $400 purchase, so to speak. Not critical just a “nice to have”.


Thanks for getting back to me on this.

How is the website working out...are you guys getting enough business to keep it going?

We used to be able to go back and "edit" an expense tracker line item after having entered it originally into the system. Obviously, only the line items that we entered not those of other members. I have run a reconciliation report from 1/1/14 to 3/31/14 and noticed a couple of line items that need editing.

1. How can edit those line items?
2. Is there a way to assign value of an expense based on a % of the cost?
3. I don't seem to be able to review line items accept in "report" mode...which is fine as long as I can edit least the ones I originally entered.

Thank you,
We have two partners on this boat and would like to simply set up a calendar for the year with alternating weeks of "reservations". I have not found a function in your website to facilitate this simply. I understand your logic when setting it up the way you have but I would suggest a few other options of functionality to offer more flexibility for situations like this where users/partners simply want to set up an annual calendar and not have to enter each day individually.
I have a boat and my partner and I use your services to track expenses etc and it all seems to work quite well. However, I entered a payment I received from my partner for the month of Oct that settled our balance and it does not reflect or change the "report" for that month to show he has paid me. Does your site offer this type of expense tracking reconciliation in some way? Maybe I just entered the transaction incorrectly?