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I like what you're doing & i think the site has promise. But my first shot was prone to problems. My avatar was turned 90 degrees. Your upload code doesn't support the orientation data in the image. All my text was replaced with Greek. As far as I can see, the photos I uploaded are gone. I would like to find a partner for our boat, so your service has promise! Ted
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John D
Hi Ted - looks like we have a bug with out Find a Boat profile matching up with the main profile - your profiles are actually showing on the site - https://www.nauticalmonk...-sharing/moon-shadow-147  - but it looks like you have two profiles there and neither one of them are linked to your main profile - I'll dig into that and get back with you.

Looks like you fixed your avatar - not sure what that was - but could have been that the file was not turned in the original file, but just in whatever software you are using - so when you uploaded, it took the original orientation. Basically, we don't do anything to the pics that get uploaded - just upload and show what we get.

As far as the Greek text - was that on the fine a partner section or somewhere else.

I'll circle back on the profiles linking - and thanks for using the site.