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If you haven't been over to the new scheduler - please go check it out. We just released a new version built from the ground up based on feedback and usage through the past year or so.

Among the many new features (and very cool new look and feel) are:
1. Swap Request: Someone else have a slot you want? Let em know you might have one they want with a swap request. They will be notified via email and also see the slot you are offering next time they hit the calendar at which time they will be able to confirm or reject the swap.

2. Wait Lists: See a slot you want but don't have a good swap? Put you name on the wait list. If the slot owner cancels his reservation, you'll be automatically booked for the slot. An email notification will go out immediately letting you know what happened and you can log on to check things out - or even cancel the reservation if you changed your mind.

3. Limitation on Back to Back and Holiday Reservations: Administrators can now limit the total number of contiguous days a user can book as well as limiting the number of Holiday reservations a user can book in a single year. We allow you to pre-populate your calendar with standard holidays from the US, Canada, Australia, etc., and you can also create your own list.

4. Confirmations/Exemptions: Tired of user booking your boat and then not using it? We were too so we built a confirmation section which forces users to confirm their reservations within a time you set or loose them. If the reservation is not confirmed and, for example, a wait list exists for the slot, the first person on the wait list will be automatically scheduled for the slot. The boat is happy cause it's not just sittin in the water. The wait lister is happy cause she gets to use the boat. And the slacker is probably happy cause it didn't cost him a slot. All is well.

5. Check on /Check off Integration: Many of you do not use our check list functionality, but we think this will begin to change with the new check on / check off integration. User can see if there was a problem with a previous check off right there on the calendar when they go to schedule a slot. If it was a major issue, they may decide they will wait until it's resolved - if its just that there was no toilet paper ... well you get the idea.

There are many other cool features that you'll only see from use - so have a look and post feedback, problems, new features etc, right here were we can all seem em.
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