Poll Question : Do you use a contract with your boat sharing partners?

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John D
  • John D
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My partnerships have run both ways - and even within the same time period I've had some partners who I've had contracts with and some that I haven't. For some people, a contract is essential and they would never share without one. For others, the thought never even enters their mind - like "oh, I never thought of having a contract with Joe - that would be odd." Where do you fall in the conversation?
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Legal S
I shared a boat with two business partners and we treated exactly like the rest of the business - we all signed a sharing agreement - no surprises no questions about what would happen if, for example, there was an accident, someone wanted out of the partnership, etc. Clean clear and concise.
Socrates R
I believe it can work either way and my general philosophy would be that any boat sharing partnership that wouldn't work without an agreement probably won't work with one - which is to say, you should probably have an agreement, but don't think that an agreement will make something work if it isn't working very well without the agreement.