Adam T
We use the service requests to track the status of various projects on the boat. It generally works well, however two areas for possible improvement are noted:
1) More granularity on "Status" - Currently there is only "Open" or "Closed". It would be helpful to have a bit more granularity similar to many software bug trackers like: New, Open - On hold, Open - In Progress, Closed - Rejected, Closed - Resolved. This would help us sort and keep track of what is in progress or what might need to be deferred to next year etc but should still be watched.

2) The ability to edit the names of individual service requests would be useful given that sometimes the issues isn't as it first appears. Alternatively the ability to delete an entry from the list entirely would allow it to be recreated with a more appropriate title.

I hope those suggestions make sense, please let me know if you need more detail. Thanks!
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John D
Hi Adam - those are great suggestions - I'll get those on the list for the next development cycle - should be able to get this in place in the next couple of weeks.