Timothy A
My buddy and I have purchased a boat together. We are using your website to track the partnership. We like the way the Expense Tracker report will give a net amount due by one partner to the other at the bottom of the report. But, that amount due is ONLY for the month of the report. When the next month begins, any amount due by one partner to the other is not carried forward, so it appears that the partners are equal, when they are not.

What we would like is to have one of two things (or both):
1. An expense report that can span any date range, and will report the inequity as of the ending date of the report.


2. Have the ability to run a grand total summary report that shows how much each partner owe's each other as of the current date.
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John D
See forum topic https://www.nauticalmonk...ts-received-from-partner  for info on the fix we have for this.
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