Giovanni C
my company Summersails is interest to subscribe a Premium Business Site, before need understand if is possible to have a Italian/English language.

Have a nice day
Gianluca Costantino
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John D
Hi Gianluca - thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our business sites. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer an option for an Italian version of the site. Having said that, there really isn't a lot of text on the site - most of what happens there is through icons and buttons with images which would be the same in either language.

You can set up and play with a business site for free for 7 days - no credit card is required to get things set up and working. That way you'll be able to see the functionality directly.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

John Davis
Giovanni C
Dear John,
thank you for your fast answer, our company want start a business about fishing boat sharing.

Our goal is to offer each boat to six members and to offer them the opportunity to make use of the same for 54 days a year divided into two time periods 5:00 am 5:00 pm 5:00 pm and 5:00 am so as to be able to use 108 times during the year.

Do you think that all this is possible gestirlocon your site?

And is possible to customize the system so that all of this is divided equally between the partners?

I looking forward

John D
Yes, we have many people using the system that way. You would set up each member with an equal percentage of use - the exact number would be something like 14.79% - most people err on the side of giving too much time per user because they almost never use all their time - so I'd use a percentage more like 15% or 16% per user.

This would give each user/member the 54 full days per year consistent with your contract with them.

Under the business site model, you can add as many boats as you wish - so you would just add any/all your fishing boats to the system.

You only have to add your members to the system once, but you will need to add them to each boat individually - we do it this way because most business have some different members on different boats.

Once you get your members added at the correct percentage, they will be able to reserve the boat using the automated system - they will get notifications, etc.

Let me know of any additional questions.

Kind regards,

John Davis
Giovanni C
Dear John,

why i can’t manage Premium Days and number of slots member?

John D
Hi Gianluca - that issue may have been my fault - I was playing with the setting in your account to make sure things we're set up right and I did change your premium days setting and forgot to change it back.

With regard to Premium Days, basically the system allocates percentages based on each group of days - so if a user has 15% of the time, he will have 15% of the premium days and 15% of the standard days.

Please let me know if I'm missing the point of your question.


John Davis
Giovanni C
Dear John,

As the periods are divided fairly?
for example:
as the 108 slots will be divided by the system?
what would be the best configuration to be set?
If a customer does not book for a month, you can book later without losing slots, or if you do not use them are deducted from the total of slots?
John D
Right - there would be 108 slots (a total of 54 full days) available to each user by setting each user's percentage at 15%.

We have a setting in scheduler settings called "Allow members to use unused slots from the previous month and borrow slots from the next month." If checked, members will be able to use unused slots from the previous month in the current month. They will also be able to "borrow" slots from the next month in the current month.

Many of our member use this feature - the only potential issue with it is that this may create a scenario in which a member may not be able to book all the slots they are entitled to in a given month because another member has used slots from a previous or future month. This issue is obviously inherent in allowing your user's to use more than their allocated slot percentage in a given month.

The reality is that all of your users are very unlikely to use all of their slots in the same month - this has never happened in our 4 year history, but it is possible and something you need to consider (and probably tell your users) prior to using in your business.

That may be a little confusing so please let me know if you need additional explanation.


John Davis