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Dynamic Check on / Check Off Lists

Going on a boat trip is both fun and memorable. But to really ensure you don’t have a tough time, it’s critical to ensure that the yacht is really taken good care of. To offer you a smooth journey and let your members know about your trip information, our yacht sharing software helps you develop a dynamic check on/check off list for you. To make this simpler, we’ve put together a list of various categories with dynamic checklists where you could fill up the information or check the list to inform about the yacht condition and trip information before a trip.

Preparation is the key to smooth sailing on any trip. Make sure you've got everything you need before you hop on the yacht. As a yacht sharing management software company, we offer a dynamic checklist module which can be accessible by you and your partners on the web and mobile devices. You can easily update trip information such as engine hours and fuel usages as well as submit maintenance and service requests which they are out on the boat or when they get back home.

Just like any other vehicle, yachts require regular maintenance to keep them in good running order. With our yacht sharing software, you can find out the insight of your yacht and its condition - fuel information, engine checkup, tools, battery care, etc. and request for its maintenance. Not only will proper yacht maintenance extend the life of your yacht and reduce the need for costly repairs but it also helps ensure trip safety for all those aboard.

Since it’s called a dynamic checklist, users can create a dynamic form as per their choice and requirements as well with our yacht sharing management software. With a check on lists, you can know about your yacht condition and let your members know what needs to be done before boarding on the yacht. Also, check off lists lets you know if your yacht needs maintenance and will it go for a ride for the second time without having any update or maintenance. Admin can keep a check on lists while taking the yacht to drive and check off lists while taking the yacht from the drive. Both forms or lists can be different as per your requirements.

Checklist Checklist Checklist
Check On/Check Off Lists:
  • Fuel and Engine Hours
  • Power Connection
  • Battery Charger
  • Flashlight Details
  • Waste Tank Level
  • PFD Details
  • Engine Warming Time
  • Yacht/Boat Condition
  • Shore Power Cables Status

With our dynamic checklist from yacht sharing management software, you can make your trip a smooth and memorable journey!