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Our yacht reservation management software just doesn’t offer the basic services that every customer is looking for but as a customized and user-centric model, we offer a central place for all communication for you and your members.

With yacht partnership software, members can create alerts and service requests on the website or via mobile devices. Here, every communication takes place in a messaging space for easy accessibility. Yacht partnership messaging software offers portals to communicate and exchange information between a yacht owner and their partners/members.

This Messaging feature of yacht reservation management software allows the yacht owner to create and manage communications related to major business issues or services.

You can use the Messaging Alert Management Application to:

  • Create a service request when it’s required
  • Manage alerts to improve communication
  • Manage request from the website and mobile devices
  • Create and notify the alerts
  • Create multiple alerts and requests for sending different types of messages
  • Track and measure the response to your communication

Yacht partnership messaging software through Nautical Monkey offers a practical and cost-effective way of owning your dream boat. By having a messaging module and various features managed by a professional yacht messaging software lets you keep a healthy and transparent relation between your yacht partners. At the end of the day, you'll get to spend more time out on the water doing what you love in a well looked after, beautiful and reliable yacht.