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The availability of boats remains the main question when it’s shared. Users must be clear when your boat will be available and when not. With our shared boat reservations and booking software, you can easily determine who can and may use the boat and when. Our boat sharing booking management software is very simple and intuitive, yet lets you make many settings that are important and useful for sharing.

There are more than 70 million Americans enjoying boating and approximately 13 million registered recreational vessels in the United States, however, on average a boat is only used a total of 14 days per year.

With our shared boat reservations and booking software, you can allow your customers to book a boat or rent a boat as per their time schedule. Apart from this, with our boat sharing calendar, you can also manage your boat and schedule it for booking.

By providing shared boat ownership service with a suggestion based front-end, and a highly customizable back end, you can maximize your business revenue. Many boaters however have been hesitant to get into a sharing relationship because of the inherent challenges including:

  • How do I ensure everyone gets equal time?
  • What about service and boat maintenance?
  • How can I easily mange billing and expenses?
  • and probably most important - how do I find the right people?

Well, to answer the above of your questions, Nautical Monkey is the perfect partner for operators looking to spend less time booking reservations and more time on the water with their customers.

Our boat sharing scheduling management service allows you to easily navigate through each stage of the process. Let’s see what our boat partnership management software has to offer.


Our shared boat ownership software - The Nautical Monkey’s boat sharing calendar provides the most flexible online boat sharing calendar available. Our calendaring system provides all the flexibility you will need to successfully share your watercraft and ensure everyone gets their allotted time on the boat. Our wide range of features offers you complete flexibility so that you can create your appointment schedule to perfectly fit your requirements. Discover the various options and features with our boat sharing management software.

  • Set up your calendar with one, two, four, or six slots per day.
  • Swap requests allow members to "swap" a day they have scheduled for another slot they may want.
  • Waitlists allow users to automatically reserve a slot if the original reservation is canceled.
  • Administrators can schedule other members, reserve the boat for maintenance, or suspend a member's access altogether.
  • Require users to confirm reservations. If confirmation isn't received, the slot automatically opens up for other users to book.
  • Email notifications are sent to notify the user of upcoming reservations, accepted or rejected swap requests, cancellations and more.
  • Limit the number of contiguous reservations and holiday bookings to avoid a single user monopolizing the boat.
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Nautical Monkey allows you to create a fractional boating or sharing relationship tailored specifically to your situation and needs.