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Boat Sharing Extends to RV Ownership | RV Industry News

It turned out to be more complicated than they envisioned. Coming up with a system to manage maintenance, fuel use and scheduling was a challenge.

Hamilton: Boat sharing site rides peer-to-peer wave

Marshall Glenn and his pal John Davis love boating, when they get the chance.

Nautical Monkey: Like car sharing but for boats
GigaOM | New York Times | Forbes

Car-sharing companies highlight the fact that people only use their own cars less than 10 percent of the time. But when it comes to boats, owners...

Nautical Monkey: Fractional Boat Ownership

Many people dream of having a boat. There’s nothing quite like being out on the water with the wind and mist in your face. It’s gives you the ultimate freedom with few rules to keep in mind

Nautical Monkey | Thrillist San Diego

Because purchasing an entire boat is a pipe dream for basically everyone except whoever it was that originally dreamed up then patented pipes, consider a more realistic option with Nautical Monkey, a new service that allows even you to buy fractional timeshares of a boat off its owners, started by a

Nautical Monkey | Thrillist Austin

Captained by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to get the most mileage out of their own aquatic ride (the Dot Calm), Monkey allows you to buy fractional shares off boat owners -- basically whatever they're willing to part with and you're willing to take on, be it 1/2, or the percentage of Native A

Monkey Business | Like Facebook, but for Boaters

A social networking site for boat owners looking to split time on their vessels. - Share Your Boat | Visit

We can define Nautical Monkey as a social networking platform that connects boaters who infrequently use their watercraft with people they could sh...

New Online Tool Lets Like-Minded Boaters Connect and Share

A new Austin-based company today announced a new Web-based service that allows boaters to manage their boat usage, expenses, and maintenance needs more effectively