Brian I
My boat is in California and had my insurance broker do an exhaustive search for insurance companies who would insure multiple named people who would be the primary drivers on the same boat, even if they were not equity holders. I wanted to make sure the people who were timesharing on my boat were named on the policy and fully covered. I did not want to fool around with, just tell them you are my friend and you are borrowing the boat.

Here are the two insurance companies who would support the above:
1) Travelers
2) Markel
- Markel has a nice perk - pay premium monthly with a $2 fee per month. So for $24, I am making 12 payments versus 1 or 2 big ones. The premium did not change when opting for monthly. Also, they priced for 4 people to be on the policy, but can add more people at an add'l charge of $50 per year per person. Also, can drop people and replace them with a new person.

Hope this is helpful to any of you out there setting up a boat share.
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Kora M
Hi Brian! We too just did something similar. We are based in the BayArea and are using SafeCo, and that allowed one person to be the primary insurance holder, and we added two "additional insured." I'm not sure by how much is raised the premium, but our annual is only $700 for a 24' Orca Skagit, which I think is quite a steal!