Christopher H
Hi, your example shows that you can select Australian Holidays, but when I go in I only get US Holidays. I tried creating holidays, but they did not save at all??? The creation part is really not very intuitive.
I would really be looking for Australian Holidays, as having to enter all 11 by hand every year would be a downer.
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John D
Hi Chris - I'll check on the Holiday issue - we just updated that so that you don't have to put in new holidays each year but we may have broken something.
Marc G
Are you able to add New Zealand Holidays, or link in to a service that provides them automatically? You could scrape them from here: https://www.employment.g...y-dates/icalendar-feeds/ 

Andrew M
I seem to have the same issue, all holidays entered, but they dont seem to save throiugh to the scheduler (i.e. i can book more than the 2 maximum that i have allocated?)
Kiran B
We have fixed the issue of holidays booking restriction.
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