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Looking for Partners for Sailboat Share in San Diego , CA

Looking for Partners for Sailboat Share

$700.00 / Month

Desire 3-4 total partners max. Options for set monthly payment, or equity and set monthly payment o

I have one key partner who will be a key equity partner.  We are in the process of looking for a boat to purchase.  Looking for a very nice, well equipped sailboat.  44-48' in length, well maintained, highly upgraded and willing to pay for what we want.  Ideally will have 2 staterooms, 2 heads (prefer both electric and fresh water), full compliment of electronics, AC/Heat, Generator, comfortable and roomy.  Something that is a pleasure to sail and that you would be proud to have access to.  Partner will need to provide a sailing resume and demonstrate skill in handling the boat prior to acceptance into partnership.

Looking for a newer sailboat. Call for information and details.

More Information

Boat Name: Dunamis

Class: Sailboats

Length: 46' 0''