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Find a Boat Partner

Nautical Monkey's Find a Boat Partner feature represents a new paradigm in boat sharing. Our fractional boat ownership will help you add more members by filling the details from boat sharing management software.

“Find a boat partner” feature will also enable you to add peer-to-peer boat-sharing members who can share your boat as per their partnership percentage.

Anyone willing to be a member of boat sharing platform, they can be in touch with boat owner and be the partner. This feature will help contact owner and communicate for similar interests, thereby increasing the possibility of forming a successful boat partnership.

With find a boat partner feature, owner can find more partners to share the fractional boat membership. The fractional boat ownership management software help you select the slot for boat usage amongst partners.

Leverage our peer-to-peer boat sharing software to get multiple benefits along with boat sharing. Click here and start building your profile for free!

The boats that are listed by owners in the “Find a Partner” feature will be displayed to users at the Find a Boat section of the website. And, while searching for boats, user can see the listed Sail Boats in the Main Search Page. After getting the initial results, the user can modify the search by entering the additional price, location parameters, and multimedia content.
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User have to create a profile to be a part of fractional boat ownership. While creating a profile, users can set the profile type- individual or business by specifying the primary goal, e.g., share a boat, join an existing share, create a new partnership, fractional ownership, and more. User have to add a catchy name for the profile.

Our boat sharing management software provides a large amount of information about the profile, including images, boat details, and contact information. Besides, users can also add location information, and social media connections.

Once you submit the profile, it will be accepted by Nautical Monkey(admin). Once admin approves your profile, you will get the message, “Your profile created successfully!”. After approval of the website, users can see your profile on the list in the website.

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