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Partner/Member Management

A handy or proper drawn-up agreement is very crucial, even for boats shared within families, and forces all parties to consider every aspect of how the boat will be shared, operated, and run. To lighten your burden, a renowned boat sharing management software company, Nautical Monkey offers you a boat partnership management software which helps boat owners set out their legal share and partnership period.

Our boat partnership booking management software defines the responsibilities of boat owners towards the vessel, partners, timings and share percentage. It covers each partner’s rights to usage. Based on the member’s share percentage, how many timing slots are allocated to members are displayed in the scheduler. So according to that share percentage, they can book their timing slot. It also lets you show the count of time slots of every user that are remaining and used.

With our boat sharing management, you can simply find a boat partner or member that helps you grow your business and reduce your cost and expenses. Our Partner/Member Management module from our flexible boat partnership scheduling management software allows you to add new members via email or existing connections.

With our Partner/Member Management, you can utilize various features like:

  • Add and manage boat member
  • Allocate them for a boat as per their share percentage
  • Advance booking time for your boat members
  • Assign membership role to members (Member or Admin)
  • Members status
  • Hassle-free process
  • Flexible member management options

We believe our service and our attitude to the boating lifestyle is what keeps our clients coming back, again and again. What really sets us apart from any other boat sharing company is the flexibility that we offer. We help you set up rules and manage members as per your requirements, ensuring every boat member gets to use a boat when they want to with our boat partnership management software. This combined with your members per vessel makes a big difference to your boating experience. So make your services hassle-free with our boat reservation management software.

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