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Boat Partnership Management

Our boat partnership management software presents the facility to boat owners, which helps them organize the membership and boat sharing activities. It covers each partner's boat sharing activities, expenses, slots, and maintenance costs. Based on the member's share percentage, how many timing slots are allocated to members are displayed in the scheduler.

So, according to members' shared percentage, they can book their boat slot in fractional boating. It also shows the count of time slots of every user remaining and used.

With our Yacht sharing or boat sharing management, you can easily select the slot time from the Calander as per your membership.

  • With fractional boat sharing, you can select the boat slot and al partners will get the slot as per the assigned percentage.
  • From the Partner Management module, you will get a Calander to choose flexible boat scheduling which is divided amongst members for entire month.

With our Partner/Member Management, you can utilize various features like:

  • You can add and manage boat members.
  • Allocate slots for a boat as per member's share percentage.
  • Available advance booking time for your boat members.
  • Assign membership role (Member or Admin).
  • Member's status.

Our service and thought behind the boat sharing management keep our clients coming back.

  • We offer flexibility for boat sharing amongst members.
  • We help you manage members, ensuring every boat member gets to use a boat.
  • Usage of boat is decided as per their available slot.
  • Email and notification
  • Easy partnership management activities to save time.

This combined with your members, makes a big difference to your boating experience. So, make your boat sharing management hassle-free with our shared boat ownership software.

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