Partnership Management Tools

One of the biggest challenges in sharing a watercraft between multiple partners is the ability for everyone to be able to use it equally and fairly.

Nautical Monkey solves not only your scheduling issues making sure that everyone gets to use the boat but also helps you better manage your watercraft as members can instantly update trip information such as engine hours and fuel usage as well as submit maintenance and service requests.


Our calendaring system provides the all the flexibility you will need to successfully share your watercraft and ensures everyone gets their fair share of time on the boat.

  • Set up your calendar with one, two, four, or six slots per day or use a free form calendar.
  • Swap requests allow members to exchange scheduled days if something important comes up.
  • Wait lists allow users to automatically reserve a slot if the original booker cancels.
  • Require users to confirm reservations 24 hours in advance to ensure dates booked far in advance are either used or freed up.
  • Users are notified when a date they have booked is approaching.
  • Limit the number of contiguous reservations to avoid a single user monopolizing the boat.
  • Limit the number of holiday reserversation in a given year.

Expense Tracking

Keep track of expenses and optionally spread the cost of purchased items equally among members. Monthly reporting provides each member with their share of the costs for the month.

Dynamic Check on / Check Off Lists

Checklists accessible on the web and on your mobile device allow members to update trip information such as engine hours and fuel usage as well as submit maintenance and service requests while they are out on the boat or when they get back home.


Nautical Monkey provides a central place for all communication associated with your boat and your members. Members can create alerts and service requests on the web site or via a mobile device and all correspondence is archived in one place for easy accessibility.

Social Networking

Nautical Monkey allows you to connect to other boat enthusiasts in order to share a boat you own, become a member on your dream boat, or simply share information and insights with others in the community. Simply create a profile on Nautical Monkey to start making connections.

Contract Templates and Examples

Using Nautical Monkey’s library of agreements as a template, you can ensure everyone is protected and there is smooth sailing ahead.