Find a Partner

Nautical Monkey's Find a Partner represents a new paradigm in creating boat sharing partnerships. The system allows users not only to list boats they own, but also provides a way for users to list boats they might own if they found the right partner.

By encouraging users to test the water with regard to boat sharing partnerships, the system opens the door for connections and conversations with other users who have similar interests thereby increasing the possibility of each user forming a successful partnership and getting out on the water.

We provide a brief description of the functionality below, but the easiest way to see the system is to click here and start building your profile today!

Main Search Page

The system allows you to search for boat types you are interested in, limit you search to particular sizes of boats, tagged words or by location. We also provide a listing of profiles, cities and zip codes that are getting a lot of activity. Relevant profiles are listed for the user on the main page.

Main page - Find a Partner
The main Find a Partner page provide search flexibility, relevant highlighted profiles and access to news and information.

Search Results Page

After getting the initial results set, the user can modify the search by inputting additional location parameters, price and multimedia content.

Search Results - Find a Partner
The search results page allows the user to modify the search parameters and sort order.

Detailed Listings

The system provides a large amount of information about the profile including pictures, boat details and contact information. Interested users can contact via Nautical Monkey connection, email, phone or private message. The system also provides access to all the popular social media sites where the listing can be widely publicized.

Detail Listings - Find a Partner
The detail pages provide access to boat information, contact options and social media.


This section (accessed by clicking on the Dashboard link in the upper right) lists the users profiles/posts, saved profiles and saved searches. From here the user can edit, view or delete posted profiles, access saved profiles from other users and view and edit saved searches.

The user can also choose to be notified when new profiles are entered matching a saved search. The frequency of notification can be changed by clicking on the Notification Settings link in the Saved Searches section - you can choose to be notified daily, weekly or disable notifications completely.

User Dashboard - Find a Partner
The Dashboard provides access to the user's profiles, saved profiles from others and saved searches.

Creating a New Profile

Creating new profiles as as easy as filling a form. Users can set the profile type, individual or business relegated, specify the primary goal of the profile, e.g., Sharing a boat, joining an existing share, creating a new partnership, fractional ownership, renting or chartering, etc., and set a catchy name for the profile title.

Users can also add detailed location information, upload pictures and set social media connections.